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Shield Your Asphalt With Sealcoating

Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective black coating to asphalt pavements in order to preserve its structural integrity and enhance its appearance. Asphalt itself is a mixture of aggregates (stone, sand, gravel) and a liquid binder that holds it together. Each day, asphalt is exposed to elements that cause deterioration, cracking, and more. Sealcoat acts as a shield to protect from these elements and can extend, and even double the life of your driveway.
What is sealcoating
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What is Sealcoating?

It is the process of applying a protective black coating to asphalt in order to preserve its integrity. Sealcoating is not a one-time structural repair. It should be done every two to three years.

How long does sealcoating last
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How long will the Sealcoating last?

The major factors that affect how the sealer wears is traffic flow, UV ray, water  erosion, exposure, freezing temperatures and other winter weather conditions.

Before and after sealcoating
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Is thicker sealer better?

Thick coats don’t cure evenly, are prone to tracking and leads to surface cracks. A thicker coat takes longer to cure, which leads to degradation and will reduce the life of your sealcoating project.

Driveway and Parking Lot Sealcoating

Garden State Paving and Masonry, LLC specializes in providing the residents and Northern New Jersey businesses with new asphalt, the removal and replacement of their existing driveway, and sealcoating. Sealcoating protects your driveway and keeps it looking fresh. Sealcoating (the tar like black substance over your driveway) seals it and protects it from harmful weather.

Your sealcoating and proper asphalt maintenance will help protect your driveway from harsh winters, ice melt salts and chemicals and from the brutal New Jersey summer heat and winter freezes. Sealcoating blacktop protects the surface from stains and the elements. Sealcoat also fills very small cracks in blacktop before they become large enough to need patching. In addition to protecting blacktop, sealcoat gives a clean, uniform appearance to areas of blacktop. Asphalt parking lots & driveways are an important portion of the property’s value. We provide our customers with a free inspection of their parking surfaces and assist you in establishing schedules and budgets for necessary pavement service and repair. Our proven technique and quality sealcoat materials provides outstanding resistance to water seepage, petroleum spills, oxidation from the sun, and other damaging elements. Sealcoating ensures a positive first impression by enhancing the appearance of your property. As you know, New Jersey can have some pretty harsh winters and brutally hot summers, protecting your driveways and parking lots is just plain smart.

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What Sealcoating Doesn't Do

Just as it’s important to understand why to sealcoat, it’s important to explain to customers what sealcoating doesn’t do.

Sealcoating doesn’t improve the pavement structure in any way. It is a preventive, maintenance process, not construction.
Sealcoating doesn’t fix damaged pavement or pavement defects. Once an asphalt pavement reaches a certain stage of deterioration,
sealcoating is a waste of money. It will make damaged pavement look better for a short time but the damage will continue to expand, causing additional pavement failure. At some point the pavement needs to be repaired before being sealcoated.

Sealcoating doesn’t level depressions or uneven pavement. It should always be applied in thin coats.
Sealcoating doesn’t restore flexibility to the pavement. 

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