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Attention Essex County Home Owners 

Garden State Paving has been paving Essex County NJ for three Generations
Essex County NJ Residential Driveway Paving NJ
Residential Driveway Paving
Essex County, NJ

Garden State Paving and Masonry's dedicated and highly trained professionals offer the best available materials and products

Essex County NJ Asphalt Repair and Maintenance NJ
Asphalt Maintenance
Essex County, NJ

Driveway cracks get worse over time and your surface will only deteriorate more. 

Essex NJ County Sealcoating Service
Seal Coating
Essex County, NJ

Prevents your asphalt from problems like oxidation, winter cracking ad UV rays. Saves you $1000's in future repair costs!

Essex County Drainage Solutions
Grading Services & Drainage
Essex County, NJ

Water problem? We can remedy it by properly grading the area and/or installing a relatively inexpensive drainage systems. 

Essex, NJ Residential Paving

Garden State Paving and Masonry, LLC provides the residents of Essex County New Jersey with new asphalt driveway paving or the removal and replacement of their existing driveway. Either way, a solid foundation is critical to your new driveway. Before paving, we evaluate the driveway base and add gravel if necessary. If we need to revamp the sub-base then we always ensure proper compaction before paving. That just leaves the last step of laying down the premium hot-mix asphalt and you’ll have a beautiful driveway to showcase your Essex NJ home for years to come.

Garden State Paving and Masonry, LLC is the Essex County go-to specialist for all your residential asphalt driveway repairs, maintenance, and new driveway paving. We’ve been maintaining and installing new residential driveways in the Essex NJ and surrounding areas for three generations. We are dedicated to this industry and work hard to gain your trust.

Attention Essex County Business Owners 

Garden State Paving has been paving Essex County NJ for three Generations
Essex County Commercial Paving
Commercial Asphalt Paving
Essex County

A parking lot or driveway is the first thing a person sees when visiting your Essex County business. We understand how important a good impression is. Let us help you perfect it!

Essex County Parking Lots and seal coating
Commercial Parking Lots and Sealcoating
Essex County

Sealcoating acts as an umbrella to your parking lot and driveways. Essex County NJ can have some pretty harsh winters and intense summer heat. At Garden State Paving and Masonry, we offer quality sealcoating at an affordable price. 

Essex County Parking Lot Repair
Asphalt Parking Lot Repair and Resurface
Essex County

Whether you are overseeing the renovation of a large mall or you are a small Essex County business owner interested in investing in your property's curb appeal, choose Garden State Paving to repair and maintain your asphalt paving. Quality workmanship at affordable prices.

Essex County Speed bump installations
Speed Bumps
Essex County

Speed Bumps are essential in areas where slowing traffic down is desired. There is skill involved  in their construction and our ability to do a proper job results in the perfect solution to your speeding problems. Well placed speed bumps in your business entryways or parking lots will keep everyone going at a safe pace.

Essex, NJ Commercial Paving

Serving Diverse Businesses With Driveway & Parking Lot Construction
Whatever type of business you run, first impressions can have a big impact on how well you do. When customers, clients and potential employees first visit your Essex NJ office or storefront, one of the first things they see will be your driveway or parking lot. Are you happy with what they see?

Here at Garden State Paving and Masonry, LLC., we understand how high the stakes are for parking lot and driveway construction and that is reflected in the excellence of our work. 

When it comes to paving, we know LOTS!

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Three generations paving NJ

... with the FOURTH in training! ...

Our reputation is built on Integrity and Trust.

Garden State Paving and Masonry, LLC was established in 1973 and has operated in municipal, commercial, and residential paving service. We are a third generation, family owned business. We owe our longevity to consistently providing exceptional value, superior customer service and the highest quality workmanship.


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